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By inquiring to join the GOGIV team we know you must love your community. Becoming an Independent Local Coordinator or Facilitator is truly a rewarding experience. Local Coordinators & Facilitators are the foundation of the GOGIV platform. You're responsibilities includes making each nonprofit campaign on the GOGIV platform in your area successful as well as supporting the process at each area of the platform, from the initial on-boarding of each nonprofit, to the education of their members, to the on-boarding of business sponsors and working with them to maximize their visibility that works within each business' marketing budget.

With the responsibility we have to properly serve each community we support, we are very selective with the Local Coordinators & Facilitators who join our team. Some qualities we look for in a Local Coordinator or Facilitator are:

  • You Must Be 18 Years Old Or Older
  • Understanding, Intillegent & Solution Focused
  • Motivating, Inspiring & Creative
  • Incurably Optomistic & Appreciative
  • Someone Who Thrives In A Team Environment
  • Obsessed With Making A Difference
  • Committed to Supporting Your Local Community
  • Passionate About Impacting Children & Teens Lives
  • Aligned With The GOGIV Core Values
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