How it Works

  • Nonprofit Booster Board

    Each nonprofit organization has a Booster Board that is shared with their member supporters. The Booster Board will contain special offers from the nonprofit sponsors on the GOGIV platform.

  • Sponsorship Offering

    When a business sponsors a nonprofit organization on the GOGIV platform, they place a donation offer to the nonprofit's Booster Board. The sponsorship amount is determined by the number of supporters the nonprofit organization has on the platform. Keeping sponsorship costs low, businesses are encouraged to sponsor more than one nonprofit organization in their community.

  • Supporter Booster Board

    The Supporter Booster Board is the combination of the Booster Boards of each nonprofit they support containing sponsorship offerings for things to do, places to eat or services they need.

Building Stronger Communities One Nonprofit At A Time

GOGIV believes the key to building stronger communities starts with providing access to programs that positively affect growth, support and development through health & wellness programs, educational programs, art & music programs, academic & social clubs and athletics.
  • Nonprofit Organizations
    A fun & easy way to raise ongoing funds for after school programs, youth sports league equipment, church outreach programs, and much more.
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  • Business Sponsors
    We call it a win-win-win! Support the nonprofits that support your community that supports your business. Everyone Wins With GOGIV!
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  • Community Members
    Local schools, youth sports leagues, churches and other local nonprofit organizations need your support! It’s as simple as search, click, print & save!
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