1. How Much Does It Cost To Run A Sponsorship Offer Through A Nonprofit?

Sponsorship offer costs depends on the number of registered members a Nonprofit has on the GOGIV platform. A Nonprofit with 0 to 500 members is only $10/mo to run your offer. Every 100 additional members above 500, increases the sponsorship offer run amount by $2. Example: A Nonprofit organization with 600 registered members costs $12 to run your offer. A Nonprofit organization with 1000 registered members costs $20 to sponsor.

2. What Is The Sponsorship Offer Run Time Frame?

Sponsorship offer runs can be purchased for 1, 2 or 3 month time frames. Sponsorship offers may be set up to auto-renew each month at the sponsors request.

3. What Is A Sponsorship Offering?

A Sponsorship Offering is a digital offering to the members of a Nonprofit organization posted to the Booster Board of the sponsored Nonprofit. Sponsorship Offerings will remain on the boostor board for the time frame of the sponsorship. You may create as many offers as you like for your business and we have created a very simple way to run the same offer through multiple nonprofit organizations or run differnt offers through each nonprofit organization.

4. As A Business Sponsor, Can I Sponsor More Than One Nonprofit Organization On GOGIV?

Yes, We've designed GOGIV to work with any marketing budget starting at $10/mo. Running your offer through more than one nonprofit increases your visibility and extends your support in helping your local community.

5. As A Community Member, Can I Support More Than One Nonprofit Organization On GOGIV?

Yes, The more nonprofit organizations you support, the more money saving offers you will have access to. Go to the "Find Nonprofits" area and lean more about the nonprofits in your area and feel free to support as many nonprofits as you like, then support the sponsors who are supporting your favorite nonprofit organizations.

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