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A Social Fundraising Platform That Connects Business & Members Through Nonprofit Organizations To Build Healthy Communities!

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GOGIV: We are the leader in social fundraising and business growth for community development worldwide.
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    Make Money For Nonprofit Organizations

    Many of our community programs are under funded. GOGIV is a residual fundraising system to help them thrive!

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    Save Money For Community Members

    Most traditional fundraising programs target supporters for funds. GOGIV targets supporters for savings.

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    Increase Business Awareness

    Local market awareness is a struggle for most businesses. GOGIV provides a loyal captive local audience.

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If you love to support your community, then you are at the right place. Whether you are a Nonprofit organization, a community member or a business sponsor, we know you will enjoy all that GOGIV has to offer you and your community.
  • Nonprofit Organizations
    Nonprofit Organizations
    A fun & easy way to raise ongoing funds for after school programs, youth sports league equipment, church outreach programs, and much more.
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  • Business Sponsors
    Business Sponsors
    We call it a win-win-win! Support the Nonprofits that support your community that supports your business. Everyone Wins With GOGIV!
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  • Community Members
    Community Members
    Local schools, youth sports leagues, churches and other local Nonprofit organizations need your support! It’s as simple as search, click, print & save!
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Give. Save. Support Your Community!

We believe that what makes GOGIV so special is our commitment to supporting businesses who support our Nonprofits who in turn support the development opportunities for our community with health & wellness programs, educational programs, art & music programs, academic & social clubs and athletics. We call it a Win–Win–Win Scenario!

We’ve seen the ever-increasing trend of programs for our community being under funded or cut from many government budgets and private funders. Current fundraising programs and events to keep these programs alive usually do well for the fundraising companies and venues that run the events, but many times provide minimal funds back to the Nonprofit organization, especially when you take into consideration the time and cost required to run these programs and events.

Why add your Nonprofit? Why Sponsor A Nonprofit? Why add your Nonprofit?
Start Supporting Your Community!
Support the businesses who support your nonprofits organizations that support your community.
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